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Originally from Yorkshire, Jessica Osborne is a London based designer who is launching her first British traditionally printed wallpaper collection at the end of summer 2018.  

Jessica's love for interiors, colour and textiles goes back to being at school where she used to spend hours each day in the art department designing textiles, drawing and screen printing. From here, Jessica went on to complete a foundation year in Art & Design at Central St Martins College before choosing to specialise in Textile Design for Interiors at the University of Leeds.

In 2012, after graduating with a BA Hons degree, Jessica moved to London and started work as a producer and agent at a photographic agency in West London. She managed and worked with some of the country’s leading fashion photographers; producing photo shoots for many luxury brands and top fashion magazines.

Jessica decided to go freelance in 2014, and moved into the world of Interior Styling - where her passion really lies - assisting incredibly talented Interior Stylists on advertising, commercial and editorial shoots.

Jessica Osborne’s wallpaper collection draws on inspiration from the most cherished memories of her childhood. Her mission is to encourage people to use more colour and pattern in their homes; as well as influence them to do what they really love in life.



My decision for choosing a British printing factory was incredibly easy. The first wallpaper machine was invented in the North of England so its makes total sense that the British are renowned for being the best wallpaper printers in the world for incredible quality and craftsmanship . Supporting British manufacturing is very important to me especially when there is such a strong heritage and skill set that have been passed down through generations. Wallpaper has become more and more popular over recent years and it’s great that factories with so much heritage can thrive.

I find the pyschology of colour and pattern fascinating. Bold colours don’t have to be overpowering, if used properly they can really have an incredible effect not only on the room but the way it makes you feel. I wanted to create a collection where I stayed true to what I loved – simple prints using bold colours. Vibrant colours can create such a positive impact in your home. I’m a big fan of maximalism, not by the amount of items that you have in the room but by colour, pattern and texture. It’s like having art work on every centimetre of the room.
— Jessica O.