Welcome to my J.O.urnal  - Launching an interiors business is something I have always wanted to do and after a major life-changing event happened to me last year, a new attitude of “life’s too short not to do what you love” was the catalyst for going ahead and starting this business.

So, after spending a year working hard to get to this point, I am extremely excited to launch - Jessica Osborne - a memory-inspired wallpaper collection.

This journal will not only be about my obsession for interiors but also showcase monthly interview-style blogs celebrating incredible designers, artisans and inspiring people from all sorts of creative industries.

Let’s face it, without overtly admitting it, we all love a little nosey around to see what other people are doing with their lives through social media. I can’t count the times I’ve caught myself burrowing down the Instagram rabbit hole on a totally random person’s profile thinking how on earth did I get here and why have I just wasted half an hour looking at photos of their dog? 

These Instagram lives we see every day are often sugar-coated and filter-covered and regularly lead us to make rash judgments and misconceptions about other people’s lives.  It always makes me wonder what their everyday, normal Monday to Friday lives are actually like. 

So, with this in mind - plus the fact the first thing I read in most magazines are the interviews about everyday people and their careers (if you’re not familiar with it, it’s normally right at the back – I highly recommend!) - I will be interviewing people who have made a success of doing what they truly love.  The aim is to share with you the special, talented and incredibly inspirational creative people whose own stories contributed to me having the confidence to take a leap of faith. I’m interested in their day to day lives, what they do from 9 till 6, the stories behind their talents and how they created their own individual success.

Thanks for reading!


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Jessica Osborne